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Clean and optimize your Mac with just one click


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Magican is a simple, yet versatile tool that allows users to perform any of the following actions from a single interface: clean, optimize, protect and monitor.

The application includes lots of features designed to make life easier for its users. You can find large but barely used files to eliminate and free up space or to clean the computer's RAM to speed up its processes. All this comes with an ever present local weather forecast at the top of the interface.

One of the most interesting features Magician offers is the chance to clean the computer of any infections or other problems with just one click. Deleting unwanted files easy, and if you find a virus, you can quarantine, or upload it at a stroke.

Another interesting feature is to remove any installed programs in a simple, convenient and fast way. In just a few seconds, you can get rid of any application or game that you no longer need.

Magician is a very complete program, with many features that will enhance the safety and performance of your Mac.